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1/17-1/21 2019 to Colorado

In November, a dear friend moved to Colorado and said that i had a room and to come and visit… so, went to visit her and her family. have always wanted to go there, and now it was finally time, and quite a fiasco to get there… i gave 2 weeks to my job, but they had asked me to extend into the next week for a day, which was an All Hands meeting that i normally ran the streaming for, so if i wasn’t there, newbies with only 2 weeks of training would have to eek through. i cared about them, so i stayed for the day, which meant that i wouldn’t be able to go to Colorado. At the last moment on the friday before the 3 day weekend, we were told that the All Hands was moved to thursday, which mean that there would be a rehearsal on wednesday. after being upset that i would be extending my last days a few more days instead of relaxing, the CTO told me to book the trip and go! So, booked it, and the prices were half the price since i’d be able to stay the day after the 3 day weekend ended! So, everything actually worked out just fine!

what perfect timing, and a wonderful time. it’s very beautiful out there. My friend took me to Manitou Springs and we sought out and sampled the mineral springs all over town – that was super cool, and i wish Maryland had natural springs packed with minerals that i could freely partake of here! This was definitely one of the many exciting things to explore, along with Garden of the Gods… driving around it does absolutely NO justice! Anyway, here is a snippet about the springs

7 MINUTE SPRING Drilled to enhance the park of the Mansions Hotel in 1909, carbonation caused it to erupt at 7 minute intervals. It was re-drilled in the 1990’s and again in 2014.

SHOSHONE SPRING A natural spring with the highest levels of many minerals, Shoshone Spring was highly recommended by physicians of the 1800s for its curative uses before modern medicine.

NAVAJO SPRING Navajo Spring was near the Ute Pass Trail and was a rendezvous for indigenous peoples, explorers and early settlers. The font is located on the back outside wall of current-day Patsy’s Candies Store. The candy store was originally a sampling room for the bottling works.

CHEYENNE SPRING The natural soda water of Cheyenne Spring was originally bottled at the Manitou Bottling Plant. The stone Manitou Spa Building was built around Cheyenne Spring in 1893. Today this spring is piped to the cast bronze font designed and built by sculptor Paul Rogers.

WHEELER SPRING​ Wheeler Spring was donated to the city by the family of Jerome Wheeler, one time president of Macy’s department store, mining and railroad magnate, banker, and chief promoter. He was also the past president of the Manitou Mineral Bottling Company.

STRATTON SPRING​ Drilled by the Stratton Foundation during the Depression as a service to the town, this popular spring stands at the intersection of indigenous trails, the historic trolley lines, and the modern highway system.

TWIN SPRING​ Twin Spring is the locals’ favorite spring for its sweet taste, calcium and potassium content and for making Manitou Lemonade or Manitou Mojitos. Originally two springs, Twin Spring now has been merged into one font.


Once the most popular spring in Manitou, thousands of health-seekers would travel to Ruxton Ave. to drink the iron waters. The current spring was drilled by a local entrepreneur in 1910 and made wildly popular by adding orange and lemon flavoring.

My friend and i had bottles and jugs, filled them up and created an elixir of all the springs we hit. you really do feel it after taking a nice long swig! and there are plenty of public restrooms, so after consuming all that water…. you’re gonna need them.

Knowing that Focus on the Family was hardhearted there, i had to stop in and visit. i didn’t expect there to be anything remotely Jewish, but to my surprise… in the book shop there was a whole display and video for  Ray Vander Laan – That the World Might Know. He is in Israel digging into the Jewish history and guides you through the lands of the Bible. He created lessons that illuminate the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures. Filmed on location in the Middle East, the That the World May Know ® film series will help to transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true follower of Yeshua.

My friend and i had an amazing conversation after. Her coworkers invited her to Passover and she told me, but didn’t accept. After we were done talking about the Jewish heart of our faith, she was so excited to accept the invitation and start doing some digging of her own. She received the call!

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