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1/25/2020 Beth Yeshua International <3 Rabbi Greg

So… i had booked a flight friday 1/24/2020 to attend that Saturday Shabbat to visit beth Yeshua International and to hear Rabbi Hershberg speak in person… and that email hit my inbox 1/22/2020. yes, i entertained the thought of not going, but… i had that tug again in my heart that i had to go. So… on the plane and to Macon i went! Landed around 1am and all the rental cars were not available, and the only car rental place mobbed with people having to wait hours for a car, was the rental place where i would have to wait hours for a car. at 2am, i decided that it would be faster for me to rent from another agency and get on the way from Atlanta to Macon, at least for a few hours of sleep before the cafe opened. i wanted to meet the people and experience it without being rushed or sleepy. i wanted to be fully present to take everything in. This is the Rabbis testimony, which is so good… the beginning of his journey WITH Yeshua! so grateful… so grateful

This is the video where he digs into replacement theology, one of my favorite videos.

As i went in to sit, i was greeted by a beautiful lady and a couple gentlemen. i shared how i was visiting from Baltimore and was sad that i wouldn’t get to hear Rabbi speak… but, because he was such a good teacher of the word and humility and love…  her response was genuinely cheerful and full of love and expectation, that God was going to meet us and THAT was the blessing of being there, not the Rabbi. But at the same time, a genuine sadness because of his health issues, because he had shared so much love with the people, that they genuinely reciprocated that love right back to him. The perfect human response to the situation at hand. i felt the sadness also, but still was able to maintain the hope of meeting God in worship here with the rest of His people. And it was wonderful.

What enhanced it even more was the people! So many people reached out and invited me into their conversations, shared so many stories of the callings that they all experienced… truly, this was a blessed place.

One family stuck out to me, as they shared their story, i wanted to scream and shout praise to God, or break down in tears of joy and worship and awe of the Lord of the Universe! I’m hoping that they will share the story here, on this blog, but if not, i will fill it in later.

i’m so grateful for all the beautiful brothers and sisters i met, and the connections that are still happening even though i’ve returned to Maryland. i’m going to try to get back as soon as possible for another Shabbat and to see everyone. Embraced into another part of the family. God puts the lonely in families.

Will see what God has going forward, but in the mean time, please pray for the dear Rabbi… please. Plead that God would heal, and extend his life… more time. i am so sad in my heart… i haven’t felt this strong love for someone in so long… will not give up praying for him. i can’t explain.

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