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4/8/20 Hosting my first “Hacky” Passover Seder Meal during Coronavirus 2020

I never thought I would be hosting the Seder meal so soon! I was eagerly anticipating the main Seder with Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation, where I had heard that Pastor Kyu was canceling his regular service at H.O.P.E Church so that they could all join the Seder too! I was so excited and had invited some former co-workers, friends and family. I wanted the whole world to join and was ready to mass distribute a virtual invitation to whoever i could!

Then… Coronavirus hit! I had heard that Rabbi Barry might be livestreaming his Seder Meal, but It never occurred to me that I would have to prepare my own Seder!

As the day approached, I still thought nothing of it. Then, the first day of Passover hit and I was filled with excitement! I woke up realizing that I had to prepare the Meal! I think I was really just hoping for matzo ball soup… but… from previous Seder Meals, I knew that Matzo Ball soup wasn’t a part of the Seder Meal. So, somewhere along the line I googled how to make Matzo Ball Soup and what was needed for the Passover Seder. For some odd reason, I realized that I had a lot of the things that I would need. During lunch, I grabbed the matzo that i had and pounded it into a crumbly powder and started to make the balls! I stuck them in the freezer… don’t ask me why. I finished up my work day as soon as I could (was grateful for being able to work from home), then started into high gear to get things ready! The video Rabbi Barry was making was going to post at 6pm. I had an hour! Whipped up the broth and started gathering Parsley from the spice cabinet, horse raddish condiment, a bowl of salt water, a bowl of fresh water, the mini red wine bottles, 3 matzo, 2 tea light candles, lettuce and a little place setting for Elijah! i was thrilled to set a place for Elijah! i put him at the far end of the table on the bump without a backrest, but i don’t think he would mind – i made sure to fill his cup all the way up. i figured it would give him room to stretch out…even though we were supposed to be lounging. 

As time was crunching and I kept googling to make sure I had everything, slowly, things started being added! The hard boiled eggs, raw onion and eventually apple butter that a friend had made for me from scratch. It was hacky… and the most important part of the meal was the shank bone… which i failed to produce. i think my roommate had some in the freezer, but i didn’t want to root through her meat.

About 15 minutes to go and the Matzo ball soup finished and looked and smelled absolutely amazing! A few minutes later i received a text from a friend down the road asking if i could give her some of my stuff so she could do her own Passover Seder with a church she was attending virtually. Inside i freaked out a bit, but quickly bagged a couple portions of everything for her to make a grab and go effort. My roommate was going to be ready at 6:30, and my friend was swinging by at about 6:20… it was going to be a close call! She made it! 

Unfortunately, my roommates meeting took a lot longer than expected, so i sat waiting for what felt like an eternity while she finished up. i don’t think she expected such a formal feast… maybe it was her first Seder? Nevertheless, I was so excited that she joined me to celebrate the Passover Seder!

She lit the candles, being the owner of the condo, and we followed with the Rabbi and his wife and their beautiful Seder meal! They had everything done up so fancy and beautiful and were both dressed up so nicely, it truly was a special time!

Rabbi wants to try to do a Pesach Sheni, which is “Second Passover”, for those who were unable to attend due to uncleanness or were on a far journey. With the way things are going with the lockdown, May 5th isn’t looking too good, but who knows! I’m stoked either way.

After watching The Chosen, i feel like i can relate to Mary hosting her first Passover meal…minus Yeshua joining as a guest! <- That would have been AMAZING!

Here are the beautiful Passover Seder videos that Rabbi Barry and Lisa made for us to follow. 

Rabbi Greg from Beth Yeshua International also had a Passover message that was so full of rich teaching BYI Passover 2020 Livestream Replay

Well, here’s a photo of the Matzo ball soup, first ever! It was so delicious! Since then, i got some real matzo meal and have made 3 or 4 more batches, but none of them have even come close to the taste and texture of that first batch! 

Here’s a photo!

My first batch of Matzo Ball Soup made from scratch.

This was so exciting and i can’t wait until next year, maybe in Jerusalem? If not, I pray that Adonai would bless me with a full house to formally host a more legit Seder Meal – with tons of laughter, deep reflection and thanksgiving and a real shank bone with perfected Matzo Balls for the main meal! It’s so exciting to share something this special, and i pray for the people to enter my life to enjoy it with me!

לשנה הבאה בירושלים‎ L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim !Next Year in Jerusalem

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