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Biblical Imagery in Chinese Characters March 10, 2019 wha?

The day after visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC, Oak Ridge hosted the East Asia Bridge Builders conference. There were wonderful conversations happening. One of the conversations was about Chinese characters and how they displayed salvation in their words… so, i wasn’t fast enough to scribe everything that i learned in that quick minute, as we were hurrying to clean up our lunch to go out and meet people… so, here’s a link to help me explain it 

ok, why… why is this here? i was trying to find the original article that spurs me on – will mention when that post comes up, but… the gist of it was that they found that there was someone that they believe to have worshipped a God that, unlike what we’ve learned about their Buddhist history… going back further still, like 4000 years going back… was found that they worshipped a kind, giving, generous, loving God who had a personable relationship with them. They were monotheistic and said to have worshipped the Hebrew God of the Bible. more on this later.

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