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Chag Sameach Pesach 2021!

The Feast season is so exciting!

i started the day visiting the Museum of the Bible a few minuted after it opened, to go through their Tanack experience... AWESOME!!!! Then though Nazareth environment, then the New Testament video. I think i just started my own first tradition! Definitely something i want to do again next year! Talk about preparing your heart and being reminded about the big picture! A lot of good life questions also surfaced in my heart... some really good things to reflect on and pray about.

After, sought out the Passover table exhibit on the second floor. The installation was really cool, but it made me slightly sad that i would be celebrating Passover physically alone even though others would be on the zoom Seder also. At least i trust that Adonai’s presence was also there as it is an appointed Feast.

This year i tried to be a little better prepared, so i ordered a Seder plate, shank bone, candle holder, goblets and tried to gather everything the last 2 weeks instead of on the fly like last year. But it was nice to have a roommate to celebrate with last year! So... i didn’t realize that the goblets were the size they were... which explains why they were so cheap! but... they are heavy and feel very genuine!

😆 At least I’m not a big drinker... so this actually worked out well, being that we drink 4 cups of wine during the Seder! But they do look funny bc they are so small!

Seder cups
Mini Seder cups

Here’s my new Seder plate... yes, i photographed it upside down! I’m almost through learning the Hebrew alphabet, so I’m ashamed that i wasn’t paying enough attention when i took this photo (Having technical difficulties uploading more photos...)

All in all the Seder went well and the meal i ordered from Chutzpah Deli was good, especially since i didn’t have to cook it! Just reheated in the oven!

the shank bone... so 🤣 i ended up ordering a dog bone bc i was struggling to figure out where to get one without all the meat! and then i decided to keep it wrapped so i can reuse it. I don’t know why i don’t want to open it up, cook it then keep the bare bone. Maybe psychologically bc it’s a dog bone and i just don’t want to cook it in my pot?

i also forgot the endive and substituted a radish jumbo sliver.

So... this Passover was still a bit quirky, but not as bad as last year! I enjoyed the time... Elijah didn’t come again this year, so maybe next year... in Jerusalem!

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