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Jewish Holocaust Museum March 9, 2019

When in Israel, we visited Yad Vashem Earlier, in June 2015, i visited Auschwitz-Birkenau the largest of the Nazi concentration and death camps.

i didn’t realize the significance… When we were in Israel, we visited the Fountain of Tears by Rick Wienecke “The Fountain of Tears is now in two places in the world, Arad, Israel, and Poland, just outside the gates of Auschwitz – Birkenau.” But this place, after the Sea of Galilee, was the most significant place that we traveled to. Significant as in, something inside of me was moving. It wasn’t an outward expression yet, but something deep, deep within me was erupting.

How in the world… never would i have guessed that i would have been in Israel back in 2015. And i understood the history while in Poland, but … this i can’t grasp how i was in both locations without planning it, except that Adonai wanted me to see these things at these places, and to see that there is a definite connection.

After being back in the US, i had to get back, i had to be near… i had to go to the Holocaust Museum in DC. i contacted my Jewish friend and we went… hoping that she would have some insight to offer. But… what was thing inside of me drawing me to the Jewish people? Wanting to know about them, wanting to empathize with their suffering, wanting to be near them… Something inside of me was screaming.

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