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New: Jewish Alexa Apps!

Over the pandemic, I started learning how to develop an Alexa flash brief and have it on auto. With the help from a very dear friend, we implemented an awesome "set and forget" system for Daily Proverbs that i can now use to spin up a flash brief within minutes. So, if you have any ideas that you would like to develop - let me know and i can launch it for you!

This originated bc i wanted to go through a proverb a day, but had the case of the lazies, so, i wanted to develop an app that would help me succeed. Little did i know that it would light the fire to develop another, then another, then another - all to help me learn (scripture, prayers, and eventually code), so, i started to develop to help others also.

Here are the flash briefs i've launched so far:

Daily Proverbs gives you a proverb based on the day of the month it is. Ex: Jan 9 reads Proverbs 9. It's currently NIV as this was started before my Hebrew journey started. I will be updating it soon to use CJB. I might publish different version, but would love to expand to multiple languages. So, if you are interested in being the voice for Daily Proverbs in another language, please contact me! i also launched Daily Proverbs 2, but it's the same as Daily Proverbs. I was experimenting with Alexa location configurations.

Invoke as a flash brief: "Alexa, flash brief" or something along those lines

Shema is the Shema in Hebrew and English, recorded by the Cantor from Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation. You can start and end your day with the Shema. Invoke as a flash brief: "Alexa, flash brief" or something along those lines

The Blessing and Aaronic Blessing (Priestly blessing, Kohanim, Numbers 6: 24-26 prayer) This is done by a Jewish speaker first in Hebrew, then in English.

Y’varekh’kha Adonai v’yishmerekha.

[May Adonai bless you and keep you.]