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One Night With The King March 23, 2019

Finally…. it was finally the time to visit the Messianic Jewish Congregation to watch One Night With The King! i walked in and was hit with the wonderful smell of freshly popped popcorn! There were tables in the back of the room, and it looked like things had happened before the movie was to start. i wondered.

One of the young adults came to join me, and i honestly don’t remember the movie. i do remember the people cheering during the parts where the things were related to Jews? and booing when there was plotting against them? Something like that. It was enduring, i will never forget that.

After the movie, i saw the Rabbi and, since it was near the time of Easter, i asked if they did the Sedar Meal. To my excitement and delight, they had a flier for the Sedar Meal! i immediately posted it in the young adult chat room and emailed it to the couple that was in Israel with me! i wanted everyone to be there!

In between the then and the Sedar, i would travel to Indianapolis to visit a friend that i was in Ethiopia with, and a family that was on the Israel trip with me, whose son was about to go through some really trying surgery… then to Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic with some of the young adults to surprise a friend of ours who was spending a few months there to walk alongside the church in serving the people and helping to teach English. What a wonderful time.

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