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Petra Feb 5, 2019

You know when people ask you what you want to see? i read an article years ago about Petra, the city that was carved into the cleft of the rocks. It completely baffled me... the thought of ancient people making homes in the rock cliff face messed me up somehow and i just had to see it.... just wasn't sure how, when... and where it was. When i was young, i didn't do very good research - i still lack, but have learned to dig a little more now - but, that's another level of depth that can be discussed later, or on a side chat.

Anyway, after realizing that i was going to Israel, i had an epiphany at work that Petra was in the Middle East somewhere, but i wasn't sure where. A quick google search showed that it was close to Israel!

i got in touch with the trip coordinator and told him i wanted to go early or stay late, but i had to get to Petra. He told me that there was Biblical end time significance with Petra. Now i was really excited and had to make this work. i googled the heck out of tourism to Petra and finally found a bus trip that would pick me up a few blocks from the hotel i would be staying at in Tel Aviv. It wasn't too expensive... but even if it was, would i ever be this close to it again? So, i booked it rearranged my hotel stay and bought an early ticket into Tel Aviv, Israel! the plane landed pretty late and i would have to be at the meeting point at 3am! Talk about the Amazing Race!

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