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The Call

Sometime in mid 2018 something happened in my heart. a few years back i had left an amazing community that i had grown with for 15 years, and was back out in the American church wondering if it would ever be as good again. Thankfully, those 15 years were filled with vigorous training day in and day out. But now, something in me was starting to feel numb and i cannot live with that. i did not accept that. i had received too much to remain there.

One day, something in my heart started yearning for Jerusalem. As days went on, the more it started to consume my thoughts and desires. It was like something was drawing me to go to Israel... i HAD to get to Jerusalem! i didn't know why, how, when... if it was just a figment of my imaginations, or if this was something that my Creator has placed in me as His new creation. i kept it to myself for a while. i eventually mentioned it to a few people and did a little google searching. Someone sent me a link to a trip, but i didn't want to go with people i didn't know. i started to plan a trip for myself to go, get a rental car, stay in hostels and travel around at leisure, but i was hesitant to book anything. i eventually concluded that it would be better if i tried this with a group. i think the first time i mentioned it to the young adults, i was at the young adult friday worship, where the host was hosting a traveling preacher who was touring the campuses with his interns. After it was mentioned, he said that he was going to Israel in February and that it was still open for people to join! One of the interns was going, and my roommate had expressed interest in going. How perfect could this be! That year, my sister was also having a monumental birthday, so my Mom had offered to pay for her and me to go to Israel together! What a blessing!

Everything unfolded so easily, it was like i didn't have to put any effort into it. i was going to Jerusalem!

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