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Yom Kippur to Sukkot 2020

This is the first official Yom Kippur on my own. Had the last meal before the fast started at sundown. Used a scarf from Israel, lit the candles, did the waft, closed my eyes, said a prayer and .... it was Yom Kippur.

Saturday, i joined Beth Yeshua International and it was powerful. I wanted some direction for the rest of the day and found a 25 hour livestream from Rabbi Itzhak Shapira with his Cantor, Jackson :) What a joy! They and a bunch of others were streaming all day going through repentance and prayers. Later, they did an intense study on the book of Jonah from an actual Hebrew scroll. Rabbi had a few other people join him and verse by verse they gleaned such richness and deep insight.... 3 hours later and they were still far from the end, but you didn't want it to stop. Jumped on to join Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation with Rabbi Barry and the dear ones that helped me get going into the Jewish mindset! After they finished, we all broke as sundown had hit the East coast.

i rejoined Rabbi Shapira, who was still digging deeply into Jonah! i almost felt selfish for breaking, but they were 2 hours behind us... although, i could have waited... sorry!

The way they broke was beautiful! Rabbi wanted to break together, but something went wrong and he lost Jackson right before the prayer for the wine. It was one of the most precious moments as Rabbi was frantic looking for Jackson - he refused to leave him behind! Jackson returned and they all broke together. It was beautiful!

Now, we are in the beginning of Sukkot and i have the tent out on my porch. tried to sleep in it the first night but woke up at 10:30 freezing and feeling woozy... so, going to sleep in my bed this week... not to mention that i need to go to my Moms for her surgery later this week. But, happy that i will be able to show her the sukkah that Emmanuel built and will hopefully get to have a good conversation with her.

Today was the drum circle and my political stance opened the door for mild persecution. am i ready for this?

It really is hard to stand against the culture. However, watched the tail end of the prayer on DC because i had heard that it was more Jewish than "Christian", which was what peaked my hopeful curiosity to being with. I saw the guys lined up with the prayer shawls over their heads and an army of shofars prepared to blast over DC. Yes, i cried. what a beautiful sight! And the Rabbi is of the line of Aaron and sang the Aaronic blessing over us! Do the people really understood what happened to them that day? Bring in the fullness of the Gentiles so that the fullness of the Jews can start! We need the Jews to teach us!

My heart longs to be celebrating Sukkot in Jerusalem, and to see the water ceremony where Yeshua proclaimed that He is the Living Water!

Hoping to have real person community soon. All efforts so far have failed. Makes me wonder what is in store.

Chag Sameach!!!