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Here you will find stories of… something like a tug on the heart, a drawing, which lead us to seek the Jewish Yeshua inside of the Bible that we started reading about with Western eyes and understanding. Sometimes, skipping over key elements that didn’t seem to make sense or carry any significance. Yet, as we started tuning into the Jewish mindset and culture of the time, things start connecting. May the revelation that Adonai gives us never cease to bring us to that awesome sense of awe and wonder!

Things which are hidden belong to Adonai our God. But the things that have been revealed belong to us and our children forever, so that we can observe all the words of this Torah.

Deut 29:28

This journey is like… Christianity, as i learned from the Western church and forefathers of the Christian faith, is like watching the movie, while coming at it through the Jewish perspective, background and mindset is like reading the book.

In this exploration, it’s important to remember that there are so many thousands of different sects in every system of belief defined by man, and to listen for that still small voice of the One true God that has His ways, which are higher than our man made ways, sayings and teachings, and to ask the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) to give us wisdom, as to what is from Adonai and what is from man.


We see Yeshua doing this in Matthew 5 in His sermon on the Mount. With phrases like,”You have heard that it was said…” and then He counters it with,”But I tell you…” There is so much more to these 2 sentences that run through out His whole sermon.

In this search, the smallest things take on such a rich, deep significance. Words can’t even describe. My heart is flooded with awe even as i write this while waiting for an oil change at a car dealer in Annapolis, MD, 

The categories are arranged to tell different stories.
“Personal Journey” are the things that happened that lead me to this place of seeking and digging as deep as possible, to respond to that tug on my heart. It’s funny how it starts small, but uncovers such riches and joy, love, passion….and words can’t do it justice. It may not seem so exciting or significant in the beginning posts, but it will all come full circle… as all things seem to be doing lately! (which is exciting and mind blowing!)

I created “Your Stories” because i know that i’m not alone in this happening. So, i want to give others with a shared "heart drawing" and desire to share their experience also. There are some amazing stories out there, and i hope it will encourage and fill you with trust, love and passion for Adonai, who loves us so fiercely!

i am surprised by the verses that make me weep because of the display of love by Adonai, it's gloriously heartbreaking. 

12 tribes of Israel from my book Ahava

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We are also collecting stories from Holocaust survivors or family members who know the stories. This is for a new project.

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